Adam Cahn

Adam is a CPA with more than 25 years of experience providing consulting services to finance and accounting departments. His specialties include building and restructuring finance departments and their systems, creating and documenting policies and procedures and enhancing the quality of the financial reporting information.

In 2006, Adam joined Smith Barney Global Stock Plan Services (“MSSB”) as one of the chief architects of their FAS123(R) financial reporting service. During his six years at MSSB, he was responsible for (i) testing and enhancing the beta version of EASi’s equity accounting software (the tool ultimately selected to service MSSB’s clients) (ii) designing and implementing MSSB’s financial reporting service delivery model (iii) training the team of Financial Reporting Managers that supported the tool and (iv) directly supporting MSSB’s largest and most complex financial reporting clients. Adam was also responsible for developing the ESPP and FAS128 Earnings Per Share reporting modules that were later added to MSSB’s proprietary version of EASi.

Adam’s technical accounting expertise eventually allowed him to assume the Financial Reporting Product Manager role at MSSB where he focused on crafting solutions for clients’ discrete accounting issues as well as the organization’s broader equity accounting software development needs.