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Drawing on the extensive experience of our Managing Directors, we advise management and boards on the strategic, technical and operational aspects of global executive compensation plan structure.

> Executive compensation philosophy development

> Compensation Committee education

> Proxy preparation, including CD&A

> Share pool construction and analysis

> External market studies and job pricings

> Executive pay risk assessment

> Tally sheet preparation

> Global stock plan design and modeling

> Country-specific due diligence and readiness assessment (140+ country coverage)

> Global tax and regulatory compliance review and remediation

> International cost-minimization strategies, including evaluation of country-specific tax-qualified plans and global chargeback arrangements

> Equity plan proxy proposal development, including ISS modeling

> Competitive practice review, including equity pool benchmarking and grant guideline development

> Administrative needs assessment

> New vendor search, selection, and contract negotiations

> Existing vendor evaluation and process improvement

> Administration procedures development and documentation, including evaluation of SOX controls

> Domestic tax compliance review (Code Sections 83, 162(m), 280G and 409A)

> Nonqualified deferred compensation plan design, funding and administration

> Golden parachute analysis and planning

> Automation of equity award trailing liability identification and tracking

> Multi-jurisdictional equity income sourcing

> Tax calculation vendor search and implementation

> Participant communication strategy

> Individual statement design and processing

> Communication material design, drafting and delivery

> “Train-the-trainer” equity plan education services

> End-to-end workstream management

> Global tax and legal filing coordination (e.g., China SAFE filing)

> Vendor transition support, including data conversion and ASC 718 reconciliation

> Global recharge implementation and maintenance

> Stakeholder communication roll-out

> Stock option and performance award valuation under ASC 718 (FAS 123R)

> Compensation expense modeling

> Reconciliation of financial reporting across vendor recordkeeping platforms

> Black-Scholes assumption derivation

> Accounting and reconciliation of forfeiture estimates

> ESPP valuation and accounting

> DTA windfall pool calculation and tracking

> Audit support


By engaging our team of equity compensation professionals to assume the administrative and compliance tasks traditionally managed by internal staff, we can help our clients better manage fluctuating resource needs without increasing headcount. As either a replacement or supplement, our advisors can help transform your equity plan operations by minimizing compliance risks and maximizing efficiency.

> Interim and long-term plan administration support services

> Ongoing client employee support

> Automation of stock plan processes

> Year-end compliance services (e.g., Form 3921/3922, Australia ESS)

> Corporate events support (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, divestures, IPO)