Jewon Wee

Jewon has been a trusted advisor to small to large multinational employers for 18 years. Leveraging his unique combination of advisory, outsourcing, and brokerage expertise, he collaborates with his clients to address the complex plan design, compliance, strategic communication and administrative challenges associated with global share plans in a highly cost effective manner.

Prior to founding the firm, Jewon was Vice President with Fidelity Investments. As a senior member of Fidelity’s stock plan product organization, he oversaw the development of innovative technology and people-based outsourcing solutions for globally offered stock plans. He joined Fidelity from Ernst & Young, where he advised clients on all aspects of designing and operating global assignment programs and global share plans, including tax, regulatory, payroll compliance, HR, financial, and administrative consideration.

Jewon has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Global Equity Organization since 2005, and has been a speaker at numerous industry conferences, including the Conference Board Executive Compensation Conferences, GEO Annual Conferences, NASPP Annual Conferences, and CEPI Symposiums.

He is a co-author of a chapter in GEOnomics ’11 book titled “Overcoming the Challenges of Equity Compensation Plan Service Provider Selection & Transition.”