Kate Fournillier

Kate Fournillier has worked in compensation for over 13 years and has experience in equity plan management, UK Save As You Earn (SAYE) administration, and in executive compensation matters. She has a broad range of stock administration experience including implementation and daily management of both fully in-house and fully outsourced programs. Kate has hands on experience managing all aspects of stock-based compensation program, including processing and communicating stock grants, managing SEC form filings, tracking share ownership against established guidelines, managing employees stock purchase plan (ESPP) and UK Save As You Earn program (SAYE).

Prior to joining ISP Advisors, Kate managed the ESPP program at Medtronic. Prior to that, she was the Manager for Stock Plan and Retirement Plan Administration with Covidien. Working for large, global issuers, Kate has collaborated effectively with a variety of functional disciplines and levels within the companies she supported.

Kate is a past presenter at the Global Equity Organization conferences. Kate holds a B.S. in Finance from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from Howard University.