Introducing the ISP Advisors ESPP Design Repository

How did you spend your summer? We’ll bet it wasn’t combing through 100+ proxy statements to get a better a read on employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) design trends. And it’s probably even safer to say, you didn’t then take this information — including the exact plan language used to adopt each design feature — and populate it into an easy-to-use repository.

At the risk of unleashing torrents of envy against us, we’d like you to know that’s exactly what occurred here at ISP Advisors. We set our summer associates loose on EDGAR and in the process reviewed ESPP plan documents from 114 companies across a cross-section of industries. To focus on emerging trends, we limited our search to “new” plans (i.e., those that were subject to shareholder approval within the past five years). We read the plan documents cover-to-cover and in the process catalogued over 20 distinct design features ranging from the ordinary (offering period length) to the less ordinary (currency conversion handling).

Learn more about our ESPP repository here